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     Thirumohur Kalamegaperumal Temple is a hindu temple near Melur, Madurai district, Tamil Nadu, India. The temple is one of the "108 divya desams", and is located 12 km north-east of Madurai. It is also known as Mohanapuram and Mohanakshetram. The temple is accessible by the town bus services available from Madurai.

     Thirumohur is one of the 108 Vaishnava Divya Desas. The presiding deity Himself led Nammalvar to Vaikunta. Thirumohur is the Divyadesa where Perumal took the Mohini (enchanting woman form). A single visit and prayer in the temple guarantees salvation to the devotee.
The Ksheerabthi Nathar and Mother in the shrine are in a praying pose before the presiding deity and this is known as Prarthana Sayanam.

Chakkarathalwar: Sudarsanar (Chakkarathalwar) has 16 hands with 16 weapons, rolling feet and the idol bears holy mantra letters. This is the only temple where Sudarsanar has all these special aspects. Though there are Sudarsanar shrine in other famous Vaishnava temples as Srirangam, Kancheepuram and Srivilliputhur, this is the only shrine where He appears with such holy letters. Behind the Chakkarathalwar is Yoga Narasimhar known as Narasimha Sudarsanam. The shrine is very famous as the expectations of the devotees for business development and marriage alliances end in success.